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OcciDental Brooklyn – Brooklyn Dentists

1 Mar

OcciDental Brooklyn - Brooklyn Dentists

Occidental has celebrated its 12 year anniversary in Brooklyn and Staten Island.


OcciDental Brooklyn – Brooklyn Dentists

1 Mar

Gum disease can be terrible. A gradual weakening of our gums can lead to tooth loss; forcing us to alter our diet and meaning that we lose our award winning smile. It is therefore vitally important that treatment for gum disease is sought as soon as it is identified. Treatments for gum disease at Occidental of Brooklyn can range from medication to surgical. The more advanced the condition, the more likely that surgical treatments will be necessary.

These surgical treatments that Occidental of Brooklyn offers are designed to repair the damaged and unhealthy tissue around your teeth so as to make them more stable and prevent tooth loss. This can include regenerative procedures, where the bacteria causing the damage is removed, with the remaining tissue then repairing the damage, or even a gum graft surgical treatment, where gum tissue from your palate is placed over the roots of your teeth that have become exposed due to the weakened gums. Occidental of Brooklyn will ensure that you receive the best conservative gum treatment so that you do not suffer as a result of your damaged gums.

BayRidge Brooklyn Staten Island dentists

23 Sep

Home of Family Dental of Southern Brooklyn. Dental office Brooklyn. Dental care reviews best patient treatments.

BayRidge Brooklyn Staten Islands dentists

15 Sep

We offer a variety of dental services including cosmetic, preventive, mercury-free, and specialty services in a private practice setting that caters to your comfort and convenience. Our knowledgeable and award winning staff; educated in the latest dentistry procedures; can promptly address any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you are looking for a full smile make-over, subtle dental enhancement, or any other dental procedure, our dedication to outstanding customer service, dental expertise, and cutting edge technology allows us to achieve the best results possible.We take pride in running practices where you receive outstanding dental care and exceptional patient service by using innovative dental techniques at the state-of-the-art facilities.