Gum disease of teeth

9 Mar

Gum disease can be terrible. A gradual weakening of our gums can lead to tooth loss; forcing us to alter our diet and meaning that we lose our award winning smile. It is therefore vitally important that treatment for gum disease is sought as soon as it is identified. Treatments for gum disease at Occidental of Brooklyn can range from medication to surgical. The more advanced the condition, the more likely that surgical treatments will be necessary.

These surgical treatments that Occidental of Brooklyn offers are designed to repair the damaged and unhealthy tissue around your teeth so as to make them more stable and prevent tooth loss. This can include regenerative procedures, where the bacteria causing the damage is removed, with the remaining tissue then repairing the damage, or even a gum graft surgical treatment, where gum tissue from your palate is placed over the roots of your teeth that have become exposed due to the weakened gums. Occidental of Brooklyn will ensure that you receive the best conservative gum treatment so that you do not suffer as a result of your damaged gums.

Even when you lose your teeth, the desire to eat solid foods and maintain an award winning smile may still exist. Occidental of Brooklyn dentists are able to provide dentures for those in need. These are a false set of removable teeth that can consist of as many or few teeth as you have missing. OcciDental Brooklyn will begin by making a mould of your teeth to ensure that the denture set you receive are best fitted to your mouth and will fill all the gaps between teeth. The dentures will then be manufactured to your specifications and you will receive them within a few weeks.

Having received your denture set, it is vital that you look after them. The best way to care for your dentures is to make sure that you get into a routine. Remove them every night and rinse in fresh running water. Then, brush them with a thin bristled denture brush and soak in a suitable denture cleanser; Occidental of Brooklyn will be able to advise as to the best cleanser to use. After a minimum of half an hour, remove the dentures and rinse them in water and mouthwash, then store carefully. By following these steps, you ensure that your denture set has longevity.

As technology improves, so advances in dental procedure follow. Many dental practices like OcciDental have started to use laser dental treatments rather than traditional methods. The reason for this is very straightforward; laser dental treatments do the same job, just better! With laser dental treatments, wounds will heal much faster and often without the need to resort to stitches. Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized as the beam is very precise, and the laser sterilizes the area that is being worked on, which means that the chance of infection is much lower.

The laser dental treatments that are offered by OcciDental are a mixture of hard and soft tissue procedures. Hard tissue procedures include preparation for adding a dental filling or sealing the tubules in the teeth that result in heightened sensitivity. Soft tissue procedures focus on the gum; reshaping or adding muscle. By using lasers, OcciDental ensures that these treatments are performed very efficiently with minimal risk of side effects.

Cavities in teeth are not a particularly rare occurrence. We live in an age where sugary substances are consumed very regularly and where, sadly, many people neglect to look after their teeth. As a result, many people every year need to visit OcciDental to change a silver mercury filling (amalgam). A filling is designed to prevent food from becoming stuck in the cavity. The tooth is first sterilized to kill the bacteria that is creating the hole. Then, the filling is inserted into the tooth after removal of silver mercury filling (amalgam). This prevents anything from lingering in the cavity and thus stops any further tooth decay that have formed underneath the silver mercury filling (amalgam).

There are occasionally problems with regards to fillings that are loose, as this allows bacteria to become lodged between the silver mercury filling (amalgam) and the tooth; resulting in further decays. However, by getting a filling with OcciDental you avoid this sort of problem. The dentists at OcciDental are very well trained and able to complete your filling to a very high standard.
TMJ is a disorder that affects the jaw, causing acute pain whilst chewing and, sometimes, even when talking. Clearly, it has the potential to seriously affect your lifestyle and, if not treated quickly, can lead to you altering the way in which you move your jaw (the natural response to pain is to alter movement in such a way as to minimize the pain). This can exacerbate the problem and, long term, may lead to further problems such as arthritis.

OcciDental offers an extensive list of TMJ treatments that are designed to combat the various causes of the ailment. They will be able to choose the one that best suits your condition. Whether that means surgery to repair a sports injury that led to the TMJ, or whether it requires you to receive more therapeutic treatment, you can be sure that OcciDental will prescribe the correct treatment for you. If you or somebody you know is suffering from TMJ, make sure you visit Family Dental as soon as possible. This will prevent potential long term damage that may result from this treatable condition.Image


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