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About me

25 Oct

I have been treated in the Narrows Medical Building for more than 10 years. I see my regular doctor, my oncologist and my OBGYN on a regular basis all in one place. About a year ago I underwent another radiation therapy. My oncologist, Dr Kaleila, recommended that I saw a regular dentist who had experience treating cancer patients and suggested Dr Mach. Dr Mach is a wonderful wonderful dentist, very gentle and courteous. I see her every month now and am very happy. During my 1 hour procedure, I felt very cold and couldn’t even move. Dr Mach noticed I was shievering and let me keep an x-ray apron on. Her assistant put a second apron on in 5 min to make me comfortable. I felt that I was treated like a human being: with care, understanding and respect. This is a first review I was asked to write in a very long time. I’ve agreed because I can highly recommend Dr Mach, Southern Dental and staff to everybody in the community.